How We Boosted Our Star Rating and Stopped Losing Money!

About 6 months ago we realized we had a problem.

A customer told us he wasn’t going to do business with us because we had a low Google star rating and he’d read a bad review. This was a wake-up call for us. Our bad Google rating was costing us money!

In case you didn’t know, Connect RV Marketing is a program created by American Adventure Insurance. This customer did a Google search for “American Adventure Insurance” and did not like what he saw. American Adventure Insurance only had a 2-star rating. We only had a few reviews and a couple of them were bad!

Like you, we work hard at AAI to provide excellent service and great prices. The majority of our customers tell us they are really happy. In fact, we have more than 15,000 happy new policyholders every year. So we know we’re doing something right.

The problem is, happy customers tend to say nice things, but they don’t write reviews.

Even businesses that do a great job for their customers occasionally encounter one who is impossible to please. We’re sure you’ve had this experience, too. Unfortunately, these unhappy customers tend to have strong feelings that motivate them to share their feelings with the world by writing reviews online and damaging your reputation. Happy customers think about writing reviews less often. This seems unfair to businesses like American Adventure Insurance that are doing a great job for the vast majority of their customers.

(Visit our Five Star Rating Program page to see statistics about the impact of good and bad ratings and reviews.)

The good news: we found a solution. We created a system to regularly asked satisfied customers to rate and review us by email. Our request includes simple instructions for completing this task.

Our Five Star Rating Program Worked.

AAI Google Star RatingIn six months we’ve raised our Google rating to 4.5 and have collected many glowing reviews. Furthermore, because we know customers want to see reviews less than a month old, our system makes it simple to get good reviews on an ongoing basis.

Customers who now conclude that they do want to do business with us based on our reviews. We’re seeing a nice upward trend in clicks to our website from Google.

By the way, you could apply a version of this technique to increase your ratings and reviews anywhere: Yelp, Facebook, etc. We focused on Google because American Adventure Insurance serves customers across the nation. Yelp is designed to help customers find businesses close to them so it is not very helpful for us but we recommend RV dealerships pay attention to their Yelp ratings and reviews and you can use our Five Star Rating System to get lots of great reviews on Yelp, too.

You Can Improve Your Rating, Too.

Want to learn the recipe for our Five Star Rating secret sauce?

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