For 24 years, the recreational products industry has trusted American Adventure Insurance to provide their customers with low rates and excellent service.

During that time, AAI has used the latest marketing techniques and technology to grow our business from one man writing policies to a team of experts.

We know RV'ers. We know how to grow a business.

We partner with dealerships like yours to grow your business using the latest digital marketing tools.

We provide our business growth services for free.

How do we do it?

The Connect Program is subsidized by insurance policies American Adventure writes for your customers.

We provide RV Dealerships with Digital Marketing Services for free. In exchange, we ask that you provide us with the opportunity to provide an insurance quote, by email, to each of your qualified customers.

American Adventure can boast that we serve more than 1,500 satisfied new policyholders every month. AAI will research specialized coverages and rates offered by many companies to find your customer the best coverage at a competitive rate. We will treat your customers as if they were our own.

Your customer is under no obligation to accept the coverage we offer. We will not attempt to sell them any additional services and we will not share their information with third parties. If your customer does not purchase their insurance from American Adventure, we will not contact them again.

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Choose Your Dealership's Free Marketing Program

Check out the E-Guide which describes 4 Marketing Programs we've designed specifically for RV dealerships.

If you have the time and the resources, we invite you to set up and manage any of these programs on your own. You might pay another agency hundreds or even thousands of dollars to manage one of these programs for you.

When you become a Connect Partner, we will set up and manage one of the 4 programs described in this brochure for your dealership for FREE
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